At last, at last! It is Friday!! Let’s wrap up another week.

Pie Weights – ceramic or metal pieces used inside a pie shell to keep it from shrinking, curling or puffing while baking.

Sippet – a small piece of toasted bread for dipping in a liquid like soup or gravy. Synonym for crouton.

Braising – cooking method using both moist and dry heat; food is first seared then finished in a covered pot with liquid.

White Chocolate – blend of cocoa butter, milk solids, sugar and vanilla. Used in candy, but is not technically chocolate.

Pasta Wheel – a handled tool with a flute-edged wheel used for marking/cutting rolled out dough in a wavy edge.

Crepe – a thin, delicate pancake. Usually served rolled or folded with sweet or savory filling.

Buttercream – a mix of butter (softened), powdered sugar, egg yolk and vanilla used as cake frosting or filling.


Things around the web better than clips from Big Bang Theory

This is the coolest art project from Boffoli Photography called ‘Big Appetites’, shows amazingly detailed little figures in, on and around life sized food! Too cool. via @TheGoudaLife

It’s that time of year! A ‘take-over’ of OZ is happening to support Chef Stunt while he is in BC competing in Gold Medal Plates! Go Jamie!! For more information check out this post by the Citizen.

Thank you to @CapitalDining for the hilarious video! Is it local??