On a grey and miserable Sunday, I had an amazing brunch. Living so close to the market, it takes a crazy good meal to get me to hop a bus on Sunday morning when there are so many wonderful spots just a few blocks from my bed.

However, I can say without a shadow of a doubt that this was more than worth the “journey” to 1087 Wellington West – Back Lane Cafe. By which, I mean a 20 minute bus ride. BUT I had forgotten my headphones so it felt like at least 30 minutes. Still… totally worth it.


Let’s start by saying that Back Lane is the cutest little cafe ever. I love the decor. Reminds me of sitting in an old farm house dining room… in Europe. Comfortable and friendly, with the promises of delectable home made goodies to come.


And the food more than lives up to that. My grandmother may have had the old farm house kitchen, but she didn’t make food like this!


I had the smoked duck and mango flat bread with sunny side eggs. The spicy spread was the nicest compliment to the fatty duck and the sweet mango. I’ve never had anything like it – especially not for brunch – it was fantastic!

My dining companions are regulars at Back Lane and rave about it every chance they get – take a peak at this post from the good folks at FoodiePrints.


Don’s scramble with goat’s cheese and house made sausage – if I hadn’t been so in love with my flat bread I would have tried to steal it.

I should also mention that the wait staff are wonderful. Friendly, attentive and they know their stuff! I had a chance to discuss various dishes on the menu with my server and her recommendations were bang on. It’s not a huge menu, but ever changing. It adds so much to the eating out experience to have a server who knows the food. They get that at Back Lane.

Top notch service, food, atmosphere and wonderful compnay all add up to a fantastic brunch!