Another week deeper into 2013! How are those New Years resolutions working out?? As part of my 2013 bucket list, here are the Culinary Word A Day – if you are looking to follow these every day, check me out on Twitter (@SimplyFresh).

Culinary Word A Day:

Earl Grey Tea – blend of Indian and Sri Lankan black teas flavoured by oil of bergamot (acidic orange).

Porridge – cereal or oats boiled in water or milk until thick.

Relleno – spanish for stuffed or filled ie: chile relleno.

Tapenade – a Provençal spread consisting of capers, black olives and anchovies made into a purée with olive oil.

Cure – to dry, salt, smoke or chemically process in order to preserve. Usually referring to meat and fish.

Broccolini – a hybrid of broccoli and Chinese kale (gai lan). It has small florets, long stalks and a peppery or nutty-sweet taste.

Arabica – a species of coffee plant from Ethiopia. It was the first to be cultivated and the most widely grown, producing 70% of the world’s beans.


Holy Sandwich Batman!

Now for some internet fun to spend your Friday afternoon on.

Paula Roy from Constantly Cooking re-caps her night in the kitchen at Back Lane Cafe – what an amazing experience it must have been!!!

The lovely Katy from Sheltered Girl Meets World shares the aftermath of the wonderful The Red and White – fantastic night, wonderful food and drinks, all for a great cause.

Some not so good news on the Quinoa front. Luckily I’ve never really gotten around to eating a whole lot of it.

This is gold just for the name puns alone! Thanks @ChefRobinBowen