Ok. I’m more than a little bias when writing this post. But let’s face it, you aren’t here for journalistic professionalism. Fitting, since this blog has always been intended to be more of a diary than a news source.

As you know from several of my other posts, tweets and facebook updates: I have the best job in the world at C’est Bon Cooking. Honestly. The best. I spend my time there thinking about food. Writing about food. Talking about food. Sometimes even making food. It’s fantastic.

So obviously, when the opportunity presented itself, I weasled my way in to a lunch to test out our newest offering “Eat. Speak Critique.” Another perk of the job!

The idea behind ESC is that you get to hone your inner dining critic along with the help of the über talented former Ottawa Citizen restaurant critic and the mind behind Capital Dining – Anne DesBrisay. As well as your inner chef with the lovely Chef Andrée of C’est Bon Cooking.


The wonderful Chef Andrée

When you sign up for the experience, you get the opportunity to dine with these lovely ladies and talk about how their profession impacts their dining experience. What do they look for in a great restaurant? How are different dishes prepared? And have your say too!

In the end, you’ll have a great meal with some fantastic company and lean a great many things as well. And if you are lucky, your experience will end up on Anne’s blog – just like ours did.


Oh I am just awesome. I suppose that after reading this you might just want to learn more. Well – here is the C’est Bon website, or feel free to contact them at – wow… epic fail.