Here are this week’s Culinary Word of the Day!

Manicotti – a dish of large, tube shaped pasta filled with cheese or meat and baked in tomato sauce.

Fenugreek – a cloverlike plant cultivated for its seeds which are used in curry powder and in Indian Cooking.

Duck Sauce – aka Plum Sauce, a sweet and sour condiment made of plums, apricots, seasoning and sugar. First served with the pancakes that accompany Peking duck.

Greek (Turkish) Coffee – very strong coffee served with fine grounds in it. Made by boiling coffee, sugar and water 3 times. Cooling in between each boiling.

Knish – small dumpling of thin dough that is stuffed with a filling and baked, grilled or fried.

Potato Flour – gluten free flour made from potatoes that are cooled, dried and ground, then have fiber removed.

Vichyssoise – a smooth, thick, cold potato and leek soup. Comes from the French “crème vichyssoise” which means iced cream soup of Vichy (a town in France).


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