Right under food, stories are my favourite thing. I love plays, books, television and of course… movies.

My favourite movies don’t have much to do with food (though I have seen quite a few good ones that do), but they normally do have at least one scene that takes place while eating, making or serving something delicious.


Of course there are the iconic moments that pop into everyone’s head:

– The Katz’s Deli scene from when Harry Met Sally
– The opening diner scene from Reservoir Dogs
– Gremlins eating after midnight
– And anything Slimer was munching on during Ghostbusters
– When Clark Griswold cuts into that dry as dust Turkey in Christmas Vacation


Then there are the more obscure ones,  but still really stand out moments in wonderful movies:

– The dinner scene in Pan’s Labyrinth
– The moment when the food critic tries Remy’s Ratatouille
– The dancing in the grocery store in The Fantastic Mr. Fox
– When Harrison Ford and Julia Ormond have a picnic on the beach in Sabrina (one of my favourite girlie movies)


And of course this gem from Pulp Fiction:

What’s your favourite food / movie moment??