Another week down! Happy Friday to all!

Culinary Word A Day

Breading – a coating of crumbs applied to food to give it a crispy texture after cooking.

Enriched – when a nutrient that is lost during early stages of food processing is restored to the finished food product.

Heavy Cream – cream with a high butterfat content. Usually between 35% – 40%. Called double cream in the UK.

Oysters Rockefeller – Oysters baked in a sauce of butter, spinach, watercress, shallots, celery and seasonings; served on the half shell.

Golden Raisin – aka Sultana, small, light coloured raisin that is more tart and made from white grapes.

Brine – strongly salted water used for preserving, curing, canning, pickling and developing flavour in food.

Darjeeling – black tea grown in the mountains of Northern India and named for a city there.


Some kind of amazing stuff that the internet told me about this week:

This has nothing to do with food… but think of all the dinners out you could buy if you found this guy’s life savings at his art exhibit?!?!

Have you had your vote in the Terroir 2013 GE Monogram® – Terroir Awards for Excellence in Hospitality yet?? Why not vote for your favourite Chef, Beverage Professional or Front of House employee?? You can do it here.

Speaking of some pretty excellent people – Stephen Beckta (Beckta, Play and Gezellig) is featured on Kickass Canadians with a pretty wicked write up.