A really scary Winter Storm name indeed.

Before we start this post, let me say I know it is Downton (not Downtown) Abbey. Now.

I’m sure that your friends are like mine – wicked awesome and keeping you up to date in the world with their facebook postings. So when a healthy dose of my friends list was going on and on about Downton Abbey I had to check it out.


Of course I loved it and have now caught up with everyone after gluing myself to the television for hours on end. Oh how I adore this show. It’s like Pride and Prejudice meets Boardwalk Empire and takes place in a gorgeous British manner home.

So of course to celebrate the end of Season 3 (which actually ends with the Christmas special) I had to do something tasty! Armed with the latest Jamie Oliver cookbook (Jamie Oliver’s Great Britain) I decided to make scotch eggs. By which I mean bastardize a version of this recipe that worked with what I had in my fridge.

Ok. Truth be told I watched the episode then felt the need to eat my emotions and eggs wrapped in sausage sounded amazing. Also, by that time it was morning… told you it was hours on end.

Then tragedy struck. The eggs I was soft boiling – to wrap in the sausage – were a little underdone. You *could* blame the one cooking them. OR you could blame the eggs. Which was the path I chose. Mostly because they were my last two eggs. And as I’ve said, I was a little emotionally fragile.


So I just cooked regular sausage, finished frying the egg and ate it with toast. I called it ‘deconstructed scotch eggs’ – and I think we are all ready to move on. Until next season.