It’s been a hell of a week – but now that Valentine’s Day is over, we can get to a holiday that really matters. St. Patrick’s Day!! But in the mean time – here are some culinary words for you to look over.

Roe – fish eggs or the eggs from certain crustations such as lobster (hard roe) or the sperm of a male fish (soft roe).

Horehound – various aromatic herbs from the mint family, the juice from those herbs or candy from that juice.

Orzo – a little pasta shaped like a pearl of barley or grain of rice.

Spatzle – egg noodles or dumplings of irregular shapes made by pressing dough through a colander or sieve.

Egg Cream – a carbonated drink made with milk, syrup (usually chocolate) and soda water. Has no egg or cream.

Grillade – the act of grilling or a dish of grilled meat. In French and Cajun cooking it is also a meat stew.

Standing Rib Roast – a cut of beef taken from the small end of the ribs on the outer side. It’s made up of a large ribeye and two more ribs.


Things I learned from the Internet so they must be true:

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