Tomato Knife – A small serrated knife for slicing tomatoes. Sometimes with a pronged tip.

Carob – A powder extracted from the carob bean, used as a substitute for chocolate from a mediterranean evergreen tree.

Ladyfinger – A small finger shaped sponge cake.

Kumquat – Small, oval or round, orange fruit with a sweet rind and very sour pulp.

Convection Oven – A cooking device that heats food by the circulation of hot air so that food cooks fast and uniformly.

Muesli – A mixture of usually untoasted rolled oats and dried fruit, often used as a breakfast cereal.

Fumet – A strongly flavoured and reduced stock made of fish, chicken or game. Most commonly it is made with fish and mushrooms. It is used to flavour less intensely flavoured stocks.


Things to spend your Friday afternoon on instead of work:

Why would Maker’s Mark ever think it would make customers happy by lowering the amount of alcohol in their whiskey? I could have “consulted” for a small fee to have told them the same thing.

Ooohhh! Looks like Kraft is bringing back those old “Grey Poupon” commercials after 16 years. It wasn’t that funny the first time…

But THIS is hilarious – a non fan of Guy Fieri makes a fake menu site for Guy’s newest restaurant.

I just hate you so much Monsanto. So very, very much. And I don’t hate anything. Here is the latest case of the GMO soy bean seed / pesticide manufacturer suing a farmer. He’s one of 146.