As a person in North America who has access to the internet, I’m sure you were aware that the Oscars were on last night. I don’t usually watch award shows, but I had actually seen a good chunk of the movies nominated last night so I thought that might make a difference in how much I enjoyed it. (As a side note, it didn’t help – still so boring).


Seth McFarland isn’t funny unless he is R-rated.

In the hour and a half before I finally gave up and went to wander the ice cream aisle of Loblaws, I did notice that 98.7% of all advertisements were for something to make you look younger, thinner, taller, bigger, smaller, brighter and of course all around better.

A friend once told me I suffer from “women disease” – aka no matter what, I can always find something to hate about myself. We all do it – and it’s so silly. But I realized there were lots of times when I feel just the opposite. In fact, there are things I do just because I like the way it makes me look.

So as I tried to decide between Peanut Butter Chocolate and Mint Chocolate ice cream, I started thinking of all the things I do just because they make me feel pretty. Here were five.

1. I have *lots* of candles. Everyone knows a girl’s best light is candle, moon and tv/computer screen glow.

2. Lipstick – there is something so bold about dark lipstick. That’s right… I’m a real wild child. It also has the added bonus of clearly identifying my wine glass in a sea of similar glasses.


3. Scarves are such a beautiful accent piece to any outfit AND they keep you warm. But better than that, they hide most any stain that may have found its way onto the front of your shirt while you were eating.

4. Skirts are amazing. They show off the part of my leg I like and hide the part that causes most of my pant to commit suicide at the thighs. Also, depending on the skirt you choose, it can be as comfy as wearing track pants. So handy when the dessert menu is just too tempting.

5. Bubble baths are so relaxing and luxurious. Especially when they smell like chocolate.



What makes you feel pretty? Guys – you answer too.