It might be just another passing fad, but I like food trucks. I like the idea that no matter what part of the city I’m in, if there isn’t a great place to eat near by – one might be on its way to me! I also love the idea of wacky themes that might not make it as a restaurant, but totally work for a truck or stand.

Recently the city of Ottawa has approved the paper work for 18 new food trucks. From Texas Street food to Asian-fusion, the streets just got tastier.

Stone Soup

Now you can find Stone Soup Foodworks on the streets AND at the University of Ottawa

Personally, I could never run a food truck. That doesn’t stop me from having some pretty kick ass ideas for them. So please, anyone who is willing to do these idea’s justice – take them. Make my vision come to life. I only ask that you send me an email telling me where I might find this food truck, so that I can become a regular. And maybe lunch is on you. Seems pretty reasonable I think.

Idea #1 – Stuff-ins

What would make a banana muffin even better? A peanut butter centre. What about blueberry muffins filled with jam? Or a chocolate chip muffin stuffed with chocolate hazelnut spread? And I *need* a carrot muffin filled with coconut cream cheese icing.

That’s right. This whole truck would be nothing but muffins stuffed with yummy centres. And coffee and tea.

I’m picturing a black and purple S&M themed truck. Black lights, leather whips – the whole shebang. But that’s up for debate.


Idea #2 – Dumplings

I see this as a Japanese Anime themed truck. No idea why.But I think this needs to be linked to Sailor Moon.

The idea here is pretty self explanatory – Dumplings. Nothing but dumplings in all their various forms, from perogies to gyoza.  Basically an entire menu, desserts and all, of small packages of seasoned dough that are boiled, fried, baked or steamed filled with goodness. There is a lot of room for fun here.


Makes me want dumplings. Can’t explain it.

Idea #3 – To Be Named

This is my least developed, and newest food truck idea. I’m afraid I don’t have a theme for the truck visually… but I’d like to see some kind of sombrero in the artwork.

This one is all about Nachos. I hate the way Ottawa does nachos. These would be layered, with cheese and ingredients on multiple levels. No more of this tasty toppings hiding 30lbs of dry corn chips.

And there would be all different kinds of Nachos. Think of it as ‘The Works’ or ‘Wild Wing’ for nachos. Just think of all the fun you could have naming these creations! One small request, if you name one after me – no onions and lots of avocado please.


So there you have it. 3 amazing food truck ideas that I’d like to see in our city, but am decidedly too lazy to see through to fruition. Here is hoping you are more ambitious than I am and I can have a stuffed carrot muffin, Thai golden pouches and some super nachos in the near future.