March already… crazyness. Her e is a look at this week’s Culinary Word A Day!

Hot Toddy – a mixed drink of hot water, sugar, spices and liquor.

Nectar – refers to undiluted fruit juice or a drink made of purรฉed fruit. It can also refer to any enjoyable drink.

Batter – a thin (usually pourable) mixture of flour, eggs and liquid. Used for baking and coating foods before frying.

Beggar’s Purse – a crepe made to look like a mini purse/sack containing sweet or savoury fillings and tied with a chive.

Polonaise – indicates a dish is garnished with chopped hard cooked egg yolk, bread crumbs fried in butter and parsley.

Waldorf Salad – mix of diced raw apples, walnuts, celery, raisins and mayonnaise. Named for theย Waldorf-Astoria hotel in New York City.

Dumpling – A small savory ball of dough that may be boiled, fried, or baked in a casserole.


Things I learned on the internet, so they *must* be true!

A new study looking at the sodium content of restaurant foods. Turns out fast food may not be the worst choice salt-wise.

The top American cities to find the best pizza?? I vote Chicago!

The latest issue of Eat In, Eat Out Magazine is posted online! Love this so very much.

So excited for Chef Richard Nigro’sย Kitchen opening in mid March – a sneak peak from Paula Roy on Constantly Cooking!

A wonderful looking Green Goodness smoothie from the lovely Tracey of The Lemon Kitchen.