I feel awful. The truth is that I’ve been feeling pretty run down for the past few months. Not just run down, run over…. by a truck… a garbage truck… who after running me down dropped a leaky smelly bag on my mangled body. So yeah, it has been rough.

The one bright side is that feeling horrid, is a great excuse to spoil yourself. I’m not talking big ticket items, just those little treats that you give yourself because you deserve it! I still remember the day I decided that it was worth the splurge for really great toilet paper. It’s the little things, you know?

Like name brand juice. It just tastes different! No one makes grape juice like Welch’s. Though I’m pretty sure the word juice needs to be put in quotation marks. I’m sure it is mostly juice from fruit – but also some colour and sugar. A whole lot of sugar. Doesn’t matter – that purple stuff is awesome.


And Pascale’s Ice Cream. Local, all natural and the most amazing ice cream ever. My latest conquest was a tub of the Beau’s Beer Milk Chocolate…. you don’t know awesome until you have had this ice cream.

So the question becomes – what should I spoil myself with today? The expensive back pain gel that doesn’t make you smell like an old lady AND works for almost 20 minutes?? Tempting. Or perhaps some really nice tea from a shop in the market. Or something decadent, that you know is horrible for you and the only reason you are eating it is because it makes you happy.

I think I will choose secret option #4 – a combination of all of the above.

What do you spoil yourself with?