Laying in bed this morning trying to Jedi mind trick myself into getting up, I heard the coolest thing. Apparently Iron Maiden has just released their own beer! Called Trooper – after one of their songs. It is a British cask and bottle ale from Robinsons Brewery. For more info check here.Β Iron Maiden happens to be one of my best friends favourite bands… so I’m pretty sure I know what she is getting for her birthday. Or Christmas depending on how long it takes for us to get it in at the LCBO.

But they aren’t the only classic rockers who are getting their own brew. AC/DC is combining German beer and Australian hard rock.

Make up loving KISS has aΒ German beer as well called Destroyer.

And out of Michigan, Kid Rock has his American Bad Ass Beer.


I think it’s pretty cool. Not that we need every rock band lining up to have their own beer. But if the market has room for just one more rock/beer combination I would like to see what David Bowie would come up with. The name alone would be worth purchase.

What about you? What rock/beer combination would you like to see?