Ok… so this week was a bit of a struggle! The weekend was spent in beautiful Prince Edward County (one hell of a post to come… scratch that… I don’t want you to have really high expectations. A pretty decent… a respectable… a post to come!! ) where I completely forgot about the world outside the county and forgot to post my Culinary Word A Day’s. But I’m all caught up now and here they are – culinary terms that might be new to you, some of them are to me! Hominy?? What??

Grappa – an Italian brandy made from the fermented residue of grapes that have been pressed while wine making.

Snickerdoodle – a sugar cookie with a cracked surface made with cream of tartar and rolled in cinnamon sugar.

Cheshire – a mild yellow cow’s milk cheese with a crumbly texture from Cheshire England. It’s particular taste comes from salt deposits in the pasture where the cows graze.

Jimmies – see Sprinkles.

Peach Melba – dessert of peach halves with vanilla ice cream and raspberry sauce. Created by French Chef Escoffier.

Hominy – hulled yellow or white corn with the bran and germ removed. Most often coarsely ground and boiled with water or milk to make grits.

Timbale – a mix of poultry, seafood, veggies and noodles in cream sauce that is baked in a drum shaped mold of the same name.


Food fun that is better than work on a Friday afternoon –

This isn’t quite food related unless you count the pot brownies.

The kick ass Bethany from Second Ferment talks about the wines of Prince Edward County during our Indulge PEC trip – happy to know there are responsible bloggers who took notes and stuff. I, on the other hand, have a “woo spring break” style of writing.

Jamie McDonald is a competitive eater who is devouring Chicago’s food challenges one plate and stomach ache at a time!

One of my favourite all time jokes: