You know why I love Facebook? Because it is like having a team of people searching the internet for you and then posting all the best stuff. The best looking recipes, the luckiest chain letters and the funniest jokes. Ok… that’s not always true. But if you sift amongst the rocks there is gold in them there hills!!  I mean… that there news feed.

My friend Amanda posted a link to making your own deodorant. I had the same reaction that I bet you are having right now. It sounded something like “Pfft… that is some pretty hippie shit right there.” Well I was wrong and so were you. Actually… we were both pretty bang on but just because it is hard core hippie doesn’t mean it doesn’t rock the proverbial casbah.

It just so happens that I have very sensitive skin. I’m also super accident prone – so when I had cut my under arm (yes that’s right… I cut it)  I found that regular deodorants burned and stung like a mother cuss-er. I was pretty quick to beg Amanda for a sample.


Do you know what clove and orange smells like?? Juicy Fruit gum. Oh hell yes.

Made from essential oils, house hold baking supplies and coconut oil – not only does it smell amazing, is natural and didn’t sting – it is also fully customizable!! Oh yes. For every time I have turned to someone and said “I wish I smelled just like this ______” insert yummy smell here. Usually it is wine, bacon or popcorn. Just swap out the orange and clove oil below for your prefered scent.

So I made some! And with it a bit of a change in the recipe for a better texture. So use up your old stuff – keep the container (you can just pour this right in and it will set up like a regular stick of deodorant). But you might want to have some regular stuff on hand because this recipe is the exact opposite of “no white residue”. Sorry little black dress. But it does last all day and even through my yoga sessions.

Homemade Deodorant – Smell Like Candy

10 drops Oregano Oil (this is the bacteria fighter… you need this. I know you may not like the smell but you wont notice when you are done)
25 drops Orange Oil
10 drops Clove Oil
4-5 TBSP coconut oil
1/4 cup baking soda
1/4 cup corn starch

In a big bowl whisk all the ingredients together until combined. Should be the consistency of thick cake batter. Pour into your container and start smelling great!

And now, because you know it is in your head. The Clash –