Everyone should have a happy place. A real place. Not just that meadow in your mind that you try to go to before you blow a gasket and yell at the person who may have been pissing you off, or may just happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

For me, that place is Prince Edward County. I grew up near the area but it wasn’t until I had moved away that I realized just how much I loved it. Which is probably for the best. If I had known then how much I loved it I probably never would have left… then I would need a new happy place. I don’t think you can live in your happy place – the real world will eventually find you there.


I once again attempted to enjoy blue cheese at the Agrarain. Still not loving it – but the waffles with caramel sauce, yes please!

Just a few hours away, on Lake Ontario – Prince Edward County is filled to the brim (though there is always room for more) with fantastic wineries, restaurants, artists and artisan food makers. And that is just the beginning.


Maggie Murdoch of Wellington Pottery – she also does erotic pottery! True story that bowl was a boob at first while she was working the clay.

My latest trip was just a couple weekends ago with some of my favourite bloggers and some new ones I was meeting for the first time. It reminded me of 5 simple truths of the County:

1. Everyone who lives there is the nicest person you have ever met in your life. Seriously, they made me look grizzled and prickly by comparison.


Even the babies are sweeter in the County. Well … this one was brought in special with the Seed to Sausage goodies!

2. There is damn good wine in the county. I don’t know anything about wine beyond what I like and what I don’t. And for the most part, you could drink these wines out of a boot and it would still be delicious. But really… get yourself a glass.


This time around we were treated to wines from Sandbanks, Norman Hardie, Karlo Estates, Rosehall Run and Waupoos

3. It is a real community. People know each other. They support each other. And they promote each other. There are no competitors – just different varieties of amazing county offerings.

4. The air is cleaner, the food is tastier and the beer, wine and spirits have you feeling no pain faster than anywhere else.*
*According to my not at all scientific and 100% bias research.


Craft distilled Vodka, Gin and Rye at Gilead – magic in a bottle.

5. The beds you find at these amazing B&B’s and Inns are made out of clouds, marshmallows and unicorn hair. I tried to ask the amazing staff at Angeline’s Inn where they got their unicorn hair, but they stared at me like I was insane. But, you know, in a nice way.


Look how close Mark Armstrong lets me get to his fantastic hand blown glass. That was dangerous for everyone.

I adore PEC. And cannot speak highly enough about it. You should go. And you should take me with you. Or at the very least bring me back some wine! And maybe a few treats from the Marshmallow Room.


Why do I love the County?? Look at this movie selection at our Inn!! After a tasty meal at Pomodoro I NEED Young Guns 2. Need.

A special thanks to everyone who organized the #indulgePEC weekend, allowed us to visit them, took the time to show us around and let us sample their amazing food, spirits and wine. And to John for inviting me… even though I was there last year and he knew full well what he was getting himself into. Sucker.