I know today feels like Saturday… but it’s not. Sorry. Bubble burst I’m sure. But no worries! Here is a round up of the Culinary Word A Day’s from this week!!

Cappelletti – small triangular hat shaped dough filled with meat or cheese.

Lox –  smoked salmon, usually brine, salt or sugar cured. Normally eaten with bagels and cream cheese.

Sour Cream – cream that has been deliberately fermented with bacteria in lactic acid.

Cutlet – a thin, tender cut of meat taken from the leg or rib section of the animal. Usually flattened and breaded.

Shad – A fish of the herring family that spends much of its life in the sea, typically entering rivers to spawn.

Rind – the hard / tough covering or skin on fruits such as oranges and melons. Once removed it is called the peel.

Coulis – a thin sauce os strained, pureed raw or cooked vegetables or fruit. Used as a flavourful garnish.


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