Port Salut – a flat, round, mild French cheese named for a monastery in France.

Lemon Verbena – a shrub with long, slender leaves that smell like lemon and made into flavouring.

Claret – first described the colour of a light red wine but now describes dry red wine in general or the reds from Bordeaux.

Bay Scallop – a small (1/2 inch) seafood. Grow in Atlantic coast shallow water, tender and yummy.

Zest – a thin piece of the coloured part of citrus peel used for flavouring.

Quail – Quail is a collective name for several genera of mid-sized birds.

Fricassee – a dish of meat sliced and fried or stewed in a gravy made with its drippings and usually wine. The verb refers to preparing meat by this method.


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A chef is fighting back against customers who are thoughtless or rude to staff.

This video is apparently a little slice of memory lane for my Winnipeg friends:


Wait. Nacho’s aren’t Mexican?? Hmmmm… and other meal origin misconceptions.