Syllabub – a drink made of cream and beaten egg whites whipped with brandy, rum, wine or cider.

CrullerΒ – a rich, light doughnut twisted into various shapes and deep fried. Often glazed and/or sugar coated.

Earthy – a descriptive term for food or drink with texture, odor, colour or flavour suggestive of earth.

Beechnut – small, triangular nut of the beech tree. Have a high oil content used for cooking.

Angles on Horseback – shucked oysters wrapped in bacon and broiled, grilled or baked.

Chili Sauce – a sauce made from tomatoes, cayenne peppers, spices, onions, garlic and salt simmered in vinegar and sugar.

Schnitzel – a breaded veal cutlet that is fried and often garnished with lemon, capers and anchovies.



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