Another Friday is upon us! Let’s party like it’s 1999. Which for me means like a 15 year old – so pretty lame really. Ah well… here are the Culinary Word A Day’s from this week.

Pilaf – a dish of rice boiled in a seasoned broth with onions and celery. Sometimes with meat.

Pikelet – a thin type of crumpet or small pancake in Australia and New Zealand.

Marmalade – A preserve made from citrus fruit, esp. bitter oranges, prepared like jam.

Haggis – A Scottish dish of a sheep’s or calf’s offal, suet, oatmeal, and seasoning, boiled in a bag like a sausage.

Wasabi – From the mustard family, a strong tasting green condiment prepared from the root of an Asian herb.

Calzone – a turnover made with pizza dough and toppings folded over itself and baked or fried.

Yolk – the yellow of a bird’s or reptile’s egg containing protein and fats that provide nourishment for the developing young. They contain all of the egg’s fat and cholesterol, and half the protein.

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Looking for some foodie fun to spend your afternoon on – here are some gems I found this week!

Take 30 seconds and vote for a project that will see more skate parks in Ottawa. Give our kids something fun and active that they actually enjoy doing! With enough votes the project could win some serious coin to jump start their efforts! What’s the food link you might ask?? Kelly from The Gouda Life is involved in this awesome initiative!

Take some time to watch Ottawa’s own Murray Street on You Gotta Eat Here! If you haven’t already.

10 Ways to cut sugar out of your diet. I could probably start by not putting 2 giant spoon full in my tea.

Anthony Bourdain was back in Montreal and hanging with the guys from Joe Beef.

And because it gives me goosebumps: