Before I jump into a quick 3 question interview with the lovely Elizabeth from the Unrefined Olive – I want to say hugs and congratulations to Ruth Charron who has won a ticket to Bon Appetit! I’ll be in contact soon Ruth!

Now – on to the mini interview I did with Elizabeth! Unrefined Olive will be at Bon Appetit on May 7th. If you can’t make it out, or you do and just need some more amazing oils and  to try – check out their store in the Glebe on Second Ave just next to the Urban Pear!

(Me) What made you decide to participate in Bon Appetit Ottawa? You guys are just opening and I’m sure you have your hands full! Was there a particular cause that appealed to you?

(Elizabeth) I decided to participate in Bon Appetit because of the charitable support it lends to a very worthy cause. When local business’ can network with each other, gain exposure to a greater public audience, and support local charitable initiatives it is a winning combination. This event will allow me to introduce my business to a wider audience of potential customers and fantastic local food and beverage business as well.

How did you love of quality olive oils and balsamic’s begin?

My love of olive oil and balsamic began through travel, using them in my own kitchen, and a desire to open a business that featured healthful and delicious ways for culinary uses as well as sustainable agricultural methods and smaller scale artisanal production.

What do you recommend people look for in a great oil?

For a great olive oil look for an unrefined premium extra virgin olive oil that provides a crush date of production. If the associated chemistry like acidity, peroxide value, or polyphenol count is available; even better! It should be in a dark glass bottle; or in an air tight and light-proof stainless steel container where you can taste it first. With over 700 varietals of olives, two hemispheres of global production, and multiple countries involved, it is always best to be able to taste first. Everyone has such individualized palates and olive oil tastes range from peppery to grassy to hints of banana or artichokes!

Thanks so much Elizabeth. I picked up a sample pack of oils along with a peach white balsamic from the Unrefined Olive the other day – I’m simply giddy with possibilities! So far, I’ve found the peach balsamic on a poached pear with a little ice wine syrup is just heaven.