This week I brought a new level of sucking to my Culinary Word A Day… but the weather was truly gorgeous so you shouldn’t have been hanging out on twitter all day anyway.

Acidic – a food that contains acid, any of several sour substances that make food sour or bitter in taste.

Back of the House – term for the kitchen and kitchen staff of a restaurant.

Cooling Rack – a flat grid of closely spaced wires with formed feet used for cooling baked goods.

Teaspoon – the smaller of two spoons in a place setting used for stirring beverages. It is also the measurement of 5ml.

Rock Salt – coarsly ground or granulated common salt.

Oatcake – a flat, unleavened cake of baked oatmeal. Usually thin and unsweetened.

Lumpfish – any of several sluggish marine fishes, especially a large North Atlantic species. It’s roe is used for caviar.


Some foodie fun to finish off a sun shiney Friday

Katy from Sheltered Girl Meets World drinks a beer I cannot even begin to pronounce.

The Great Canadian Cheese Festival is in less than a month – will I see you there??

A rat meat ring in China is making millions of dollars. Ewww…