Today was the launch day for Ottawa’s new food trucks and carts and it kicked off with an event at city hall. I had every intention of gettng a bracelet and trying the samples at each of the trucks, but so did about 700 other people. Lines, crowds and blazing sun are three of the things I dislike most… especially when you combine them! So I snagged a few pictures to show you and made a vow to try each truck individually when they hit the streets.

Until then here is a little taste of what to expect and where to get it.


So many lovers of food from trucks


Fellow food bloggers capturing the action


The ever-awesome Grayson letting me know he’s all out of Harvey & Vern’s soda – can’t blame the crowd it was scorching hot!


 The colourful Mr. Ron Eade getting ready to write a much better synopsis of this event than I’m doing.


This pic was taken as James Cunningham from Food Network’s Eat Street was standing beside me about to film a scene!


Honestly… I’m TOO excited for these trucks. I think I need a new hobby.