This week, I’m ready for it to be over! Mostly so I can get myself to a patio – STAT!!  Here is a look back at the culinary words this week:

Asiago – a strong flavoured Italian cow’s milk cheese. Aging can give very different textures.

Burgoo – a southern US term for a thick, spicy stew of any meat and veg. Also a name for an event where the dish is served.

Empananda – a type of deep fried or baked turnover with a spicy or sweet filling from Latin American / Spanish cuisine.

Elevenses – a British term for a coffee or tea break taken around 11am.

Tomatillo – the edible purplish fruit of the ground cherry resembling a small tomato.

Sorrel – various course weedy plants with long taproots used as table greens, herbs or vegetable.

Boston Baked Beans – a variety of baked beans cooked slowly and sweetened with maple syrup or molasses and flavoured with salt pork or bacon.


Some wicked Foodie ways to spend a Friday afternoon:

A very cool photo essay showing a what a weeks worth of food looks like for people all over the world.

Another cool photo essay of the foods artists request back stage. Trent Reznor… what are you up to with all that cornstarch??

The inspiringly talented Chef Grant Achatz and his group of chefs from Next in Chicago make a snicker worthy video about what they are cooking up.