Ok… it may not be a real word. But it should be. Smallenfreuden is a fun, made up word that refers to putting your tiny, every day purchases on your VISA card so that you can rack up points and use them for something awesome!

I plan to do just this for 100 purchases that I’ll be keeping you in the loop by tweeting and facebooking. At the end of theΒ  100 purchases I’ll let you know how worthwhile this was. Basically I’m going to flaunt what I get with my credit card points. That’s not all… I’m also going to run a contest that you can enter to win $100 from VISA!

*waiting for the cheers to die down*

Exciting right?!?


In the mean time I’m going to give you a chance to save some money on tickets to the Great Canadian Cheese Festival! The artisan cheese and fine foods festival that is in Prince Edward County on June 1 and 2. They say there is going to be more cheese than ever before! EVER BEFORE!!

So click here – HEREΒ and use the promo code : CF13FRESH

Hope to see you there!