Woo Hoo!!! Long weekend!! And a very special one at that for some dear friends of mine. Best wishes Claire and Jared! Your wedding this weekend is going to be beautiful. I apologize in advance for any embarrassment I cause you.

Raclette – a swiss dish of melted cheese scraped onto boiled potatoes or dark bread and small sour pickles.

Millet – a type of cereal grass whose small grains are sometimes used for food

Crimp – in cooking refers to making ridges/pleats by pinching or pressing edges of pastry together for seal or decoration.

Welsh Rarebit – buttered, toasted bread or crackers with melted cheddar cheese, milk (sometimes beer), mustard, worcestershire sauce, egg yolk and seasoning.

Cake Flour – finely ground, soft wheat bleached with chlorine gas which whitens the flour and makes it slightly acidic.

Vandyke – to cut a jagged V shape decorative edge into a citrus fruit.

Galangal – a Chinese plant of the ginger family grown for its edible, underground stem. Has a ginger-pepper flavour.

Lettuce Turnip the Beet

If you are actually at work today… you’ll need these to get through the afternoon!

Was anyone actually worried about the impending LCBO strike? I knew they would find a solution, no way they were going to take away our icy cold beers just before the kick off to patio season. Booze is important, unlike school teachers apparently.

I’ve got discounted tickets up for grabs to the Great Canadian Cheese Festival in PEC – click here and use the code: CF13FRESH

A comprehensive list of Ottawa craft beer events going on from the kick arse Katy (I think she should legally change her name to this).

Don and Jenn from FoodiePrints have a recipe in this month’s Cream Challenge! Vote for your favourite here.

Speaking of dairy… a homemade ricotta recipe from Apron Strings!

I watched this documentary this week. It was alright – happy it was only 50 some odd minutes. This 5 minute trailer gives you about 85% of the story. The dark side of Jelly Belly Jelly Beans…