** I realize this post has nothing to do with food… but really I look at this site as my journal, it just so happens my world revolves around food! If you are looking for a more up beat foodie post I suggest this one. Or check back tomorrow. I’ll be done being sappy by then.**

This weekend I was in Montreal for, what turned out to be, one the of the best weddings I have ever attended. For those who are twitter savvy you might have followed along with the shenanigans of #NJGWedding, or perhaps you were busy having adventures of your own!


I was ready for the fun, for the rowdiness and for the top shelf liquor. I was less ready for the pangs of hurt that popped up in my heart periodically through the ceremony. It made the evening a touch bitter sweet. Well… at least until the cocktails started flowing then it was just sweet.


I’m coming up on the one year anniversary of my split with my husband and I’m (somehow) always surprised how fresh that pain can feel.

During the ceremony the Rabbi told us of the custom of breaking a glass at the end of the wedding as a tribute to Jewish heritage, to symbolize the destruction and re-building of Jerusalem. He also explained that it was more than that. The glass was a metaphor for the fragility of love. How once shattered it can never be put back together just as it was. With a lot of glue it may be put back in a suitable way, or there might always be a piece missing.

Over the past year I’ve felt a lot like that glass. Gluing myself back together one piece at a time.


Being alright with no longer needing to run to that person for advice or just to share the details of your day – one piece.

Realizing that my effort to stay friends were misguided and fueled by the hope that one day things would go back to how they once were – another piece.

Feeling excited by the possibilities of starting again – yet another piece.

The most important part of breaking the glass, is the cheering of Mazel Tov after. A Yiddish phrase of celebration that means ‘good luck’. The Rabbi said it is important that we realize that though life can bring hard times, there is always something positive just around the bend. So we end with cheerful words to inspire and fill our hearts with joy.

Thank you Claire and Jared for allowing me to share in your special day and for reminding me of how amazing love can be.

Mazel Tov!