Well it may be cold and rainy… but it’s still Friday and I’ll take it! Here are a look at the Culinary Word A Day’s for this week.

Blanc – a stock made of fat, broth, wine, herbs and veg that is used for braising or poaching fish/ meat. French for white.

Cider Vinegar – a vinegar produced from fermented apple cider.

Empire – a juicy, dark red apple that is a cross between McIntosh and Red Delicious apples.

Hock – the joint bending backward in the hind leg of a cow, horse or other quadruped.

Skewer – a long pin or stick made of metal, wood or bamboo for holding meat, veg or fruit while being roasted or grilled.

Trivet – a stand or holder that a pot or dish is placed on to keep from marking a table during a meal.

Frijoles – any beans, especially black and kidney or pinto used in Mexican or Southwestern US cuisine.


Today is the kind of day you don’t mind spending in front of the computer! But I’m sure you’d still rather check this out than a spread sheet.

Oh hell yes! The Egg-a-cado. You better believe I’m going to eat one of these this weekend!!

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A graphic novel for foodies?? Cool beans.

Finally… I want all of my future kids to be like this one.