Today is my day off and it is a lovely one. Full of puppy cuddles and walks, sunshine and this really amazing beer documentary that I had to share with you! I’m sure that my beer loving friends may have already seen it. In fact I seem to remember Shaun and Amanda recommending it to me some time ago… but I think there is something for everyone to love!!


That’s right Tracey… there were other photos like this out there.

Did you know that beer is responsible for the creation and development of the written word, farming and math?!?! Seriously. Stuff like that blows my mind. And as someone who enjoys a good beer (can’t be wine all the time people… it just can’t. What if the white isn’t cold enough yet? Back up plans save lives), this 45 minute documentary is really entertaining.

As a side note I LOVE the narrator. He sounds like he is doing movie trailer announcement for spoof movies, or 1950’s Grindhouse films. Amazing.