This week I’ve been struck down with some kind of super plague. Otherwise known as a cold. Still… won’t someone please come pet my head?? No?? Ok. Well here are this week’s culinary words – here is hoping I have more energy for erratic posts next week.

GougΓ¨re – a savoury French choux pastry like a cheese puff.

Sauvignon Blanc – a white grape grown in France and California and wine made from those grapes.

Amaretto – an almond flavoured Italian liqueur made from apricot pits.

Arborio Rice – a short grain, high starch white Italian rice that becomes fat and creamy when cooked. Used for risotto.

Over Easy – egg that is flipped over gently when the white is nearly cooked and fried on the other side with the yolk liquid.

Loaf – a shaped mass of bread baked in one piece, or a mass of any food shaped somewhat liked bread. Usually rectangular or oblong.

Raita – a cooling Indian side dish of yogurt and chopped cucumbers and spices. Bananas and tomatoes can also be used.


Now for some fun to help pass along the Friday afternoon slump…

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