I know, I have been a bit absent this week – but there are exciting things going on a my job! Check here for some behind the scenes shots of our first Cooking Show at C’est Bon Cooking!! It has been such a fun and exciting process. But none the less, a resolution is a resolution… so even though these didn’t make it to twitter – here are some culinary word a days!

Active Dry Yeast – a granular powdered yeast in which yeast cells in dehydrated form are alive but dormant.

Bain Marie – a large pot containing hot water in which smaller pots or bowls may be set to cook food slowly or to keep food warm. Often the bottom of a double boiler is used.

Carambola – the acidic, orange, fleshy fruit of a small shrub of the wood sorrel family. The fruits have 5 prominent ridges – called star fruit.

Diner – a type of restaurant that originally resembled a railway dining car where customers eat at the counter or booths. It is also the term for a person eating a meal, especially in a restaurant.

Lacto-OvoΒ Vegetarian – a person who eats vegetables, grains, fruits, nuts, milk and eggs but not meat.

Nog – originally a strong variety of beer, but now is an abbreviation of egg nog.

Sea Bean – any of various beans or showy seeds of tropical origin that are frequently carried by ocean currents to remote shores and often used as ornaments.


Just in case anyone needs this for my birthday tomorrow…

A restaurant that doesn’t accept tips?? Am I the only one who finds this odd?? How else are you supposed to confirm that you are, indeed a generous and awesome person if you can’t leave a tip?! Though there are some good points made…

The Gouda Life has another yummy drink recipe up… just in time for Friday!

A tasty looking salmon and cucumber salsa recipe from Not Without Salt.

And now for something hilarious, gross, and dog related. Just because a rainy Friday needs a laugh or two.