Fresh milk dispenser.

The first weekend in June saw me pile into a car and drive to Prince Edward County for the day. Why?? To go to the Great Canadian Cheese Festival!! There were more than 4000 people who participated in the event over the weekend and 31 artisan cheese makers all with samples. Not to mention there was wine, beer and some amazing preserves, meats and foods to be had.

Another thing that made this trip fantastic – my Dad met up with me there! To be fair I’d go just about anywhere for good cheese.

When I was little, my Dad was a milk man. Not the kind that delivers milk to your house;ย the kind that makes the runs out to the dairies. I still remember my toy bin being plastered with ‘MILK’ stickers.


My Dad!

At the Maple Dale Cheese (while trying some absolutely stunning 10 year old cheddar and these sexy flavoured cheese curds I’m still dreaming about) table my Dad told me about how he delivered milk there almost 20 years ago. A quick chat with the ladies confirmed that some of his old co-workers and friends were still out there on a weekly basis.


Yes, I would like a sample… that very large one in the back. Yes, the one in air tight packaging with a label on it. Just put it in my purse.

Fantastic cheese, wines, preserves, beers and more – check
Located in my Happy Place (aka Prince Edward County?) – check
Next year’s event happening on my birthday (June 7-8, 2014) – double check

Cheese,ย I’ll see you next year!