Every now and then, or basically every 20 minutes since I started using pintrest, I come across something hilarious on the interweb that I just want to share with everyone! Today I’m reaching beyond my circle of facebook friends to show you this amazing recipe I found. For ice cubes. Why would anyone take the time to write and post the recipe for making ice??

photo 1

Been there lady.

So the recipe for ice itself is smirk worthy.

photo 2But in the grand tradition of internet jokes such as binder of women, banana slicer, and the grand-daddy of them all… 3 wolf moon shirt, The punch line is in the comments. Here are a couple choice ones. For the full joke check out

 photo 2

I keep reading this next one with different accents in my head and laughing until it hurts… yeah… I need something better to do with my time. photo 5