There is a saying that many hands make light work. This is true. But many hands also make a great party! Last weekend some Ottawa area bloggers, my dog and myself headed to Prince Edward County. You would think that visiting the county numerous times it would lose some of its splendor for me… but every time I go over that impossibly steep bridge, I get giddy inside.


It was Lemon’s first trip to the county… but you can already tell he would battle a mountain lion to get back there again.

This was no ordinary trip to the county though. Yes there was to be fantastic food, wines, beers and spirits. Obviously… I try not to travel any other way. But this time we had a bigger goal in mind. Celebrating my birthday. Wait. No. This day was not about me. Though there was a birthday cake there and some singing which was really just the sweetest thing ever.


We were such awesome workers we were treated to a wine break. Stop laughing… that is true.

No. This day was about the start of something amazing. A new winery. 3Dog is the newest winery in Prince Edward County. Officially one week old as of the time I’m sitting down to write this post. That’s right. We were there to plant vines. Well… correction. There were many friends and family of the winery owners John and Sacha there to plant. I may have gotten my hands dirty but if you look at my activities that day you would think that I was actually brought in to sample wine, make stupid jokes, lose Claire’s shovel and continuously remind people that it was my birthday.


Missing: One shovel. Hardly used, last seen near the wine.

In less than 2 hours, collectively, we planted more than 2400 vines in mud. I’m still not sure how that happened. But hey, many hands right?


No. You’re wrong. I know you would think, with a dog this dirty, he must have helped… I can assure you he did not.

If you would like your chance to be a part of this wonderful winery from the beginning, the start of something I am certain is sure to be amazing – you can contribute to the indiegogo campaign. Every little bit helps. You can also get some really great give aways with your donation to the project. Click here for more information.

I also want to put in a good word for the fantastic spread put on in part thanks to Seed to Sausage and Bread and Butter Bakery. The only thing that makes BBQ Chicken and butter tarts better is when they are made by kick ass individuals who love their community and a good glass of wine. And to Katy from Sheltered Girl Meets World for driving Lemon and I there in her ghetto hot rod and for all my friends who were there that day to make my birthday the best in years. 29 is going to be a wonderful year… and it all started at 3Dog.