Last week of June, can you believe it!?! Summer is officially here! Happy Canada Day to all!! This week’s Culinary Word A Day’s are:

Delmonico Steak – another name for a NY strip steak, cut from the short loin of beef.

Pizzaiola – means prepared with an Italian sauce of tomato and oregano. Also the name of a male pizza maker.

Rice Wine – also called sake or mirin, a low alcohol beverage made from fermented rice.

Turtle – a reptile with some flesh used as food and a candy made of pecans, caramel and chocolate.

Redeye Gravy – sauce made by thickening juices of cooked ham with flour and then adding coffee or red wine.

Hickory Nut – a small hard shelled nut of the North American Hickory tree. A pecan is a species of hickory nut!

Hibachi – a portable Japanese brazier consisting of a round or box shaped open topped container made from heat proof material, with a grill over it. Traditionally used with charcoal outside, but it can also refer to an iron plate or cooking surface in restaurants.


For you poor souls who actually went into work today – you need these time wasters more than anyone! Or shall I call them Time-Better-Spent-ers?? Yes I shall.

Want to see cats dressed up as sushi??? Sure you do.

I always wanted to be more like Martha Stewart… but it seems she is becoming more like me! I’m flattered Martha.

Almond Milk Chocolate Pudding Coconut tarts from the ever delicious Lynne at The Twisted Chef! If you think you are drooling now, wait until you see the pictures!