Everyone does them differently – but have you ever wondered what your dish washing style says about you?? Here are some totally made up conclusions I have drawn based on the observations through the years. Or at least the parts of those years while I was washing dishes.


1. You fill the sink with soapy water, have a second one full of rinse water and you dry/put back right away. You are probably quite the perfectionist. I bet there is a shot of bleach in that rinse water too, isn’t there? As with everything in your life, you do things right the first time, even if it takes you a little longer. That is no different with your dishes. You follow the rules and colour in the lines, and I bet your dishes are magnificently spotless.

2. Sink is full of suds, but dishes air dry. You are a free thinker. You know the proper way to do things, but you also know where you can bend the rules you little rebel you. Like dark chocolate for dessert – good, yet good for you. Your dishes are sparkly and clean, but you don’t mind letting nature do the other half of the work for you so that you can get to doing something more interesting.

Always on the look out to see how to revolutionize and reimagine things you don’t care for so that they done as quickly and efficiently as possible – like the MacGyver of dishwashing. Oh the things you could do to folding laundry if given a paper clip and a rubber band.

3. You prefer a dish shower to a bath and they don’t as much air dry as they stay in the dish rack until they are used again. A squirt of soap all over the dirty dishes and you run the tap to clean/rinse them as quickly as possible. If #1 is a sign of perfectionism… this would be a sign of good-enoughism.  This is the dish method preferred by those trying to get out of dish purgatory as quickly as possible. There is at least a 10% chance they aren’t fully clean or had all the soap washed off and you will have to give them another wipe before you use it. But hey, in the time it would have taken that sink to fill… you are done AND there were no floating bits of food … ewww.

What does this say about you? You live in the now, seizing every moment you can. Or a the very least you are willing to accept the repercussions of your dish non-actions at a later time. You realize you probably should slow down and take a bit more effort… but that glass of wine and movie are calling your name.

4. You just buy compostable one time use dishes. You sir are a genius. A wasteful, wasteful genius. Or a guy living in a frat house.