Thank goodness it’s Friday! To celebrate the ending of another week (which, let’s face it, didn’t seem any shorter even with a holiday Monday) here is what’s going on in the Internet.

Pine Nut – the edible seed of any of several nut pines especially some pinons.

Swiss Steak – a thick round steak, dredged in flour and pounded. Browned and braised with tomatoes, onions and vegetables.

Cherrystone Clam – a small (1/2 grown) quahog clam. Approx. 3 to a pound – usually eaten in clams casino.

Dredge – to lightly coat food with a dry substance like flour or breadcrumbs, before frying or browning.

Brut – French for unsweetened. Refers to wine that is very dry, especially sparkling varieties.

Thermidor – a dish with lobster (or seafood) cooked in a cream sauce, with cheese on top and Mornay sauce.

Compote – fruit cooked in sugar or syrup as a hot or cold dessert. The word is French, meaning mixture. Also the word for a long-stemmed dish used for holding fruit, nuts or candy.


Now for some time wasters to get you through your Friday afternoon:

I adore Chef Michael Smith. Here is an interview with him talking about Canadian food, candied crickets and more!

4 tips for food safety on the BBQ – great information for anyone grilling this weekend!

There are cronuts in Ottawa!! Friends at FoodiePrints try the delectable combination of croissant and doughnut made by Ottawa Pastry Chef Michael Holland!

He’s coming this weekend! Here is Paul McCartney making mash potatoes: