Like every other food lover in the downtown core, I’m slowly but surely trying to make the rounds to all the new food trucks in town! While on an errand for my Mom in the Glebe (picking up some fabu spicy olive oil and espresso vinegar at The Unrefined Olive) we stopped off for lunch at the Red Roaster. 20130704_130904

Located on Bank right across from the LCBO as you enter the Glebe – you might have heard about this truck. Originally the city had it on a one way street, but the direction of the street meant that their window was facing traffic instead of the side walk. Brilliant planning City of Ottawa.


The menu changes regularly, but focuses on great rotisserie. Chicken, pork and beef sandwiches were on the menu when I visited… but the siren call of the pulled pork grilled cheese was too much for me to resist. Melty yummy cheese, with BBQ sweet and tender pulled pork on the most perfect seed bread for a great crunchy contrast. Couldn’t have been better.



Along with a side of wedgie potatoes that are cooked under the rotisserie chicken (all that awesome chicken goodness dripping on the potatoes make them extra delish), I was one very happy lady.


If you find yourself in the Glebe… make sure you seek this truck out!