Remember the day I waited 2 hours in a Chapters annoying all those around me by making them read The Oatmeal’s My Dog the Paradox with me?? I do! It was yesterday.


Outside. Inside.


I had planned to grab a copy of the book and return a couple hours later when the event was supposed to start like a normal person… but my bike was several blocks away. There was air conditioning and chairs. Yeah… we both know who wins the war of walk in humidity vs. sit in AC.

Anyway, Chef Hughes was in town promoting his new book ‘Chuck’s Day Off’ which talks about his life and favourite recipes from his Montreal restaurant Garde Manger and his television show.


In our 5 seconds together we talked about my amazing meal at his restaurant and how he once shucked oysters with the boys from the Black Keys backstage at Osheaga. It was awesome.

In addition to the new book, Chef Hughes has a new app for iPhone that sees him teamed up with 4 other Montreal Chefs (including the awesome duo of Joe Beef) that gives you recipes, shopping lists, videos and more!


If I have succeeded in making you jealous… here are some sweet dance moves to ease the pain.