Angry Dragonz?? Is that anything like Angry Birds you might ask.

No. It’s not. What a dumb question… me.

Angry Dragonz is a food truck on Gloucester and Lyon serving up some of the best Asian fusion food in the downtown core period. Not best for a food truck. Best. Period.

My friend Shirley, who has become a fixture at this truck, took me for a visit. I really wasn’t sure what to expect but was happy to find many veggie and vegan friendly options.


I went with a veggie, tofu pad thai, egg roll and drink. For $10 – it was a hell of a deal. Especially since I got 2 meals out of the wicked awesome thai noodle dish.

To say I was delighted, impressed and all around in love with the dish is a bit of an understatement. I dare say it is some of the best pad thai I have ever had. Including all the stuff I ate in Thailand. Was it authentic. No. It was fusion. But I think that’s why I liked it more. The tofu was so well done, crispy and flavourful, I was actually seeking it out in my dish. Never, have I ever, thought tofu was the star of anything before now.


And don’t skip the egg roll. For an extra dollar you will be thrilled with its yumminess. Though it does have meat for all of my strict veggie friends.

This is a truck worth seeking out…. and with their brand new, and I’m sure MUCH quieter, generator – you will not regret it. And if you fall as deeply in love with them as Shirley and I have, I accept egg rolls as thank you gifts.

And just look at all the other dishes I still get to try and fall in love with… life is good.