The weekend is upon us dear folks! Can’t wait to enjoy that sunshine… let’s get to this week’s list of Culinary Words!

CeleriacΒ – the thickened, edible, aromatic root of a type of celery plant.

Gnocchi – pasta dumplings made of flour and potato. Originally made from only flour and water, there are several types such as those made from semolina, ricotta and bread crumbs.

Du Jour – French for ‘of the day’. Started being used in the early 20th century for the special of the day.

Marsala – a dark fortified dry to sweet wine from the city of Marsala in Sicily. Used more for cooking than drinking

Pike – a bony freshwater fish with a long snout. Found in the Northern Hemisphere.

Vermicelli – a pasta like spaghetti but much thinner. It is Italian for ‘little worms’. Angle hair pasta is a very fine vermicelli.

Zwieback – a type of sweetened bread baked first as a loaf then cut into slices and toasted. The word is German for ‘twice baked’.


For those of you stuck in an office on this very fine Friday… here are some sites that will help pass the time in a way that will leave your mouth watering!

Paula Roy from Constantly Cooking was my snacking and drinking companion this past Monday while we checked out the NAC’s new 8 for 8 menu!

Mr. Sexy-Pants Ryan Gosling writes a beautiful piece on the lives of factory farmed pork… a tiny cage is NOT a life. Beautifully written and painfully true.

More and more people love the idea of urban farming… of having your own chickens in your backyard. I too am in love with the romantic idea of this… but what happens when you are unprepared?? Stray chickens and a drain on our humane societies. Pull it together hipsters.

Penn and Teller are some of my favourite magicians and ranters. Here is an episode from their amazing show Bullshit! As you can tell from the title of the show… it may not be appropriate for your workplace – headphones people.