You might remember the story a few months ago. Owners of Bread and Roses (a cute little bakery that was once located on Beechwood Ave right next to the hardware store that went up in flames over two years ago) were in a situation with their landlords. Seems developers REALLY wanted the spot Bread and Roses sat on and the owners of the spot REALLY wanted the money developers would pay.

After a long drawn out back and forth (which resulted in Bread and Roses being temporarily shut down as a muscle move by the landlords) the bakery has uprooted and moved to 323 St. Laurent.


Not a bad spot! A few of the other businesses affected by the Beechwood fire (including Epicuria where I hang around often, pretending I work there but basically just talking about tasty food all day) have moved to the area.

Plus they are right beside Le Saint O – which I consider to be one of the best, little known restaurants in the city.


They have been open for over a month… maybe two, this summer is slipping away from me. Either way… now open! And serving up bread and goodies that are as decadent and amazing as ever. If you are in the area, it is definitely worth stopping in.