Last week of July! Another wonderful summer weekend is about to get started! But first, a recap of the culinary word a days.

Baron of Beef – a double sirloin. It’s the English cut.

Rye – a hardy cereal grain and the flour made from it. It is also a whisky distilled from rye (with or without malt.)

Rye Bread – wait for it – is bread made of rye flour. Can be dark or light often with caraway seeds.

Gooseberry – a small, sour, yellowish green or red berry of various prickly shrubs. Looks like a large current.

Edam – a mild yellow cow’s milk cheese coated with red wax.

Frangipane – first an almond cream flavoured with jasmine perfume. Also a pastry with this cream.

Ballottine – a French dish in which a piece of meat or poultry has been boned, stuffed and rolled into an egg like shape. It is then braised, poached or roasted. The term means “meat roll”.


Now for some things that will make those last few hours at your computer FLY by!

So apparently there is a new app that will let you swap your restaurant left overs with strangers. Um…. ewwww?? The upside is that you can also use it to donate your leftovers to a hungry neighbour nearby and means you don’t feel guilty for not eating the whole dish or throwing it out after a week in the fridge.

A look at what seemed to be an amazing class at urban element recently. Mike McKenzie from seed to sausage taught a group of 12 hungry participants how to make sausage. So great…

Daniel Humm (from Eleven Madison Park)’s Mom’s Chicken Soup. Love!