Mmmmm Dosa. Basically an Indian crepe stuffed with all kinds of fillings. The traditional is crispy and has a masala spiced potato mixture. They do a really great version of it here.


A spinach, walnut and goat cheese stuffed dosa called ‘The Californian’ topped with crispy plantain chips!

The Dosa food truck, located on Somerset just beside Dundonald park across from the Beer store, is serving up a soft version of these delectable pancakes stuffed with all kinds of traditional and un-traditional offerings!


The yummy list of offerings from Dosa on the day I visited.

I think the best part of this truck – minus the great food – is its location. Right next to a park with lovely shady seating, even a table or two if you are lucky enough to grab one.

There isn’t much more to say – this is a definite must try for anyone looking for a quick, tasty lunch that wont break the bank.