My personal “vegetarian challenge” is really no longer a challenge of any kind. I only eat meat 2-3 times a week and it really has just become a way of life. Because I’m drawn to veggie options, it is usually easy to eat out with friends who are vegan or 100% of the time vegetarian.

Then there is my Mom. She puts me to shame. Her and her partner eat, for the most part, a gluten free vegan diet. I know. It is a level of dedication I just can’t reach. Probably because of a love affair I have been having with cheese, bread and tuna (though not together… never let your mistresses meet!). I just can’t fully commit to a vegetarian life, never mind the rest.


I thought this might present a problem when going to dine out with her when she was in town recently. But I shouldn’t have worried. Ottawa’s restaurant scene is so diverse, in a few moments I had a multitude of options. From Korean, to Thai, Zen Kitchen and the Manx. All could offer up great fare.

In the end we decided to check out The Green Door Restaurant (198 Main Street). I had never been, though I had been to The Table which was started by some former employees of the Green Door and has a similar idea.


All vegetarian food, set up like a buffet. Take what you like and pay by weight. A great way to grab some take out for home, or a great meal in. They have so many options, it is really easy to over do it – so the take home containers are a great option.

I had heard some talk that it was a little expensive for what you got, and though the style of the restaurant is skewed towards comfort rather than high end – I really think the quality of the food is worth it. In the end our meals averaged out to about $15 a person.

You may find this hard to imagine… but I can be a bit picky.

I’ll let that sink in a bit.

Not in the pretentious, I only drink free range water, kind of way. But I’m still a child deep down. I don’t like raw onions. Even red ones. Yes… I know they are sweeter. Ick. I have never really liked peppers of any colour. I’ll choke it down… but you aren’t winning me over.


Everything I tried from the veg lasagna, to the beet salad; marinated mushrooms to homemade rye bread was really tasty. There might even have been some of those sneaky onions or peppers in there… even so, I’d gladly chow down there again.

And with helpful signs on each dish letting you know what allergens are or are not in the dish, it’s a place everyone (even the picky) can enjoy.