Long weekend!! Can I get a WOO HOO??!?!? Let’s get to it and do it!

Chili Con Carne – a Mexican dish of chilies or chili powder, beef, onion and pepper, kidney beans and tomatoes. You can also make meatless versions.

Devein – to remove the main central vein (the digestive track) from a shrimp or prawn. Technically you can eat it… but ewww….

Butcher Knife – a broad bladed, heavy duty knife for cutting meat.

Caper – a bush with spiny trailing stems that is cultivated for its green flower buds which are pickled and salted and used as flavouring.

Egg Noodle – any narrow strip of pasta dough made with eggs.

Ice Bath – a mixture of ice and water used to chill a food or beverage rapidly.

Shocking –  A technique where a food is immersed in an ice bath to immediately stop a cooking process.


Mr. Tea all proper and stuff…

So much great stuff found on the net this week – here is some foodie fun to help pass the time before the weekend kicks off!

Porn company agrees to quit making movies with names based on popular Ben and Jerry’s flavours…

A cute video about eating locally in Canada.

Gordon Ramsay is thinking of doing a new television show… with children. Um… no? I mean… I’m certain he is really nice in person, but I don’t want to see him making kids cry for ratings. You may think to yourself “Oh they would NEVER!” Then you remind yourself it is going to air on Fox.

A hilarious video uses food to illustrate how real sex differs from porn sex.