A quick stop into Jacobson’s Gourmet Concepts this Friday had me face to face with the best smelling candles I’ve ever put my nose into. And because they are wine related I get to share them with you here!20130802_112842


Seriously… within like. 0.2 seconds I had my face smushed into this entire display of amazingness.


Rewined Candles … yes even their name is amazing!! Are candles that use recycled wine bottles to house candles whose scents are inspired by wine varieties. Take a look here, but believe me they smell even better than you can imagine.


But it’s not just the white wines, oh no… there are reds too. They were just one shelf lower so I would have had to slightly bend almost 10% to take a picture. The closest thing to a work out I’ve had in quite a while. It was hell… but I did it for you. By which I mean I just lowered my arms and hoped for the best.



Pick them up at Jacobson’s on Beechwood Ave! Which one would be your favourite?