I love these new food trucks. I know a few people think of them as a fad that will eventually pass, but I think there is something to be said for being able to get really great food on the go for a price that equals or is lower than some fast food chains. Because, let’s face it, if there is anything I am it’s in a rush, hungry and broke.


On just such an occasion of being hungry, broke with a bazillion things to do, I stopped at Urban Cowboy (Bank Street and Glenn). Being the bad vegetarian I am, I had already decided that there was no way there was going to be a veggie option at a Texas street food truck. WRONG. They may not have many options (most days there are 3 entrees and 2 sides to pick from) but there is usually one veggie! And one fish, if you are one of those I don’t eat meat but I eat fish kinda folks.


Not just any fish either… but Ocean Wise certified fish. Yep. Even this food truck does it’s best to make sure that any seafood you are putting in your gob has been sustainably fished so that there will be even more tastiness for years to come.

I tried the Portobello mushroom sandwich – BBQ sauce and goats cheese were a super delishย combo. But the star of the show wasn’t even something I ordered. By some fluke, I ended up with sweet potato fries instead of the grilled corn side dish I had asked for. But again, hungry and in a rush I didn’t mind. It’s like someone saying – oh we’re out of salad… can I give you a chocolate bar?? The answer is always “Yes, hell yes!! Gimmieย Gimmie!!!”


And I’m telling you… BEST. Sweet potato fries in Ottawa. Maybe the world. My exhaustive search of the word’s sweet potato fries is still ongoing.

Why are they so good. The answer is three fold.

1. They are wedges… not matchsticks. So when you bite in you actually feel like you are eating a sweet potato not just something vaguely sweet with a delightful fried crunch. For a moment I actually felt healthy eating fries. Not something easily accomplished.

2. They are tempura battered so they have the most amazing crunch. Each and every fry.

3. The dipping sauce is so good I would bathe in it. Seriously… or at the very least happily put it on every other food in the world from now on.


So if you find yourself on Bank and Glenn can I kindly ask you to grab me an order of fries. Extra sauce. Thanks.